In Honour of Jesse Fredericks

At What Age Do You Start the Important Conversation About the Dangers of Drugs?

The SOY Foundation strongly recommends that any child in grades 5 or 6, who will be attending a school with higher grades (7-12), should be made aware of the dangers that drugs present and be provided a basic education on the choices they will have to make.
Thanks to the coaches, managers, parents and players of the Valley Gardens Stars 10A-2 Hockey Team who invited us, alongside Constable Lisa Moreland, to begin the conversation about the dangers of prescription drugs our youth and communities are facing.
“When there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.”
Special Thanks to coaches Paul and Joe Tataryn, assistant coach Rob Arndt, managers Stacey Kinoshita and Heather Fajardo and Constable Lisa Moreland.

February 13, 2017